Saft signs two-year, multi-million pound specialized battery supply contract with MOD partner Team Leidos

Contract signed by Team Leidos with a battery supplier, covers the supply of Saft primary and rechargeable batteries to the British Armed Forces for multiple military applications.

Paris, June 13, 2016Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries, has signed a two-year, multi-million pound contract for the supply of specialized military batteries with UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) delivery partner Team Leidos. The contract covers the supply of around 60 different types of primary and rechargeable batteries for a host of military applications, from radios to helicopters.

Over the term of the contract, Saft will supply many thousands of primary and rechargeable cells and batteries, to provide reliable, lightweight and long-duration power for high-tech equipment used by the British Armed Forces.

“Saft is pleased to cement its long-standing relationship with the UK MOD through this new partnership with Team Leidos,” said Ben Helminen, Sales & Marketing Director Saft’s Civil Electronics Division. “Our batteries offer the proven performance and reliability track-record the UK Armed Forces need to operate safely on land, air and sea. Our specialist primary and rechargeable batteries are designed to withstand the demanding mechanical and electrical conditions encountered both in combat and in training exercises.”

Team Leidos recently became the MOD’s delivery partner under a 13-year contract. It supports the MOD’s Logistic ComMODities & Services Transformation (LCST) programme, a critical effort to enhance and improve the UK’s defense supply chain. Team Leidos provides essential services such as the storage and distribution of MOD material, including a global freight service, as well as the procurement and inventory management of food, packed fuels, clothing, medical material and general supplies.

This contract ensures the ongoing delivery of reliable and robust batteries to provide critical power for a variety of military equipment. With industry-leading battery life, high energy density and low self-discharge rates, Saft batteries have been providing the UK military with reliable power for more than two decades. Saft is also a trusted link in the logistics chain of many other militaries around the world.

The contract was signed in March 2016, with deliveries scheduled until the end of 2018.