Saft’s state-of-art battery backup solutions ensure power continuity for Brazil’s fast growing telecoms sector

• Saft offers a complete range of telecom battery backup solutions covering wireless and wireline applications, both indoor and outside • Saft telecom battery technologies include leading edge Li-ion and well proven nickel-based chemistries that meet every requirement from high power for data centers to high energy for base stations

Sao Paulo, October 13, 2014 – Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech industrial batteries, is showing its broad portfolio of specialized telecom batteries developed to meet the demanding backup power performance, continuity and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO) requirements of original equipment suppliers and network operators in Brazil’s fast growing telecoms sector. Saft battery solutions on show on stand A18 cover lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel-based chemistries for wireless and wireline applications, both indoor and outside, including: Intensium® Flex - high power support for data centers; Evolion®- when installation footprint, weight, long life and deep cycling capabilities are critical issues; Tel.X - a maintenance-free solution for on-grid applications; - offering excellent chargeability for off-grid installations powered by solar panels; comprehensive service and support at every stage of a battery system project, from initial enquiry through installation and commissioning to planned through-life maintenance contracts.

With approximately a third of the region’s population, Brazil is South America’s largest telecom market. The Brazilian telecommunications services market has now reached US$ 80 billion and by 2017 is forecasted to reach US$ 100 billion, with nearly all of the world's largest telecom OEMs now having plants in Brazil . To meet the growth in demand for high technology battery solutions to support the roll out of new telecoms infrastructure not only in Brazil, but also the general South American region, Saft established a local sales and technical support office in Brazil, Saft Do Brasil in 2010.

Intensium® Flex Li-ion systems – high-density power in tight spaces for data centers

Intensium Flex is dedicated to data center applications, where it offers high performance and flexibility in a compact footprint that meets the most demanding operational requirements. The system is available in high power and medium power versions. Intensium Flex systems are delivered in a 19-inch rack mount format, integrating Saft's Battery Management Module, safety and communication functions.

Evolion® - the compact lightweight solution that is perfect for base stations or outside plant

Saft’s Evolion Li-ion 48 V telecom battery modules combine compact size and high volumic energy to deliver the maximum possible performance in a limited footprint - taking up only half the space required by a conventional VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) battery. Furthermore, Evolion’s low weight solves the installation challenges of providing sufficient battery capacity in central offices with limited floor loading constraints. Evolion also offers a unique combination of float charging capability and high cycling performance, ensuring that the battery system has a long service life that matches the telecom equipment it supports.

Tel.X - maintenance-free batteries for demanding on-grid applications

Saft Tel.X nickel-based batteries have been developed to provide an exceptionally long and maintenance-free service life in both wireline and wireless backup power applications, especially in the high temperatures (over + 40°C) encountered by outside plant in hot regions of the world. Tel.X is also ideally suited for cabinets, fibre optic installations, BTS/BSCs and other equipment deployed in telecom networks and offers the option for a rack system suitable for use in level-4 seismic zones. – reliable support for solar powered telecom installations

Saft has developed the nickel-based battery specifically for use in off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, where its robust construction and high cycling capability ensures a long, predictable service life and low maintenance requirements - even when subjected to erratic charging conditions and operating temperatures fluctuating from - 20˚C to + 50˚C. 

More than just batteries – Saft provides end-to-end service and support

Saft offers comprehensive support including battery selection and sizing advice, training, after-sales installation support - with a special focus on installation and maintenance guidelines to ensure maximum performance and reliability.