Saft’s Seanergy® marine lithium-ion modules receive the highest level of safety approval for clean propulsion applications

Successful assessment by Bureau Veritas recognizes that safety is at the heart of Saft’s fully integrated Li-ion Super-Iron Phosphate® (SLFP) modules for demanding civil marine applications

Paris, January 21st, 2015 – Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, has just received the highest level of safety approval for its new Seanergy® range of Li-ion Super-Iron Phosphate® (SLFP) battery modules developed specifically for civil marine propulsion applications such as work boats, ferries, offshore support, cruise-liners and cargo ships.

The Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) - Bureau Veritas delivered the highest quality assessment for the Seanergy® modules according to the applicable marine standards and specifications. This certification demonstrates that the Seanergy® design conforms to recognised industry quality standards and/or the certification rules, through a process of independent design review, sample testing and verification of production controls.

“Safety is at the heart of all Saft’s marine activities and this certification will inspire confidence in customers, investors and suppliers that the Seanergy® modules comply with best practice, especially as the standards have been written specifically to include Li-ion batteries in civil marine applications,” says Didier Jouffroy, Saft’s Marine Products and Applications Manager. “This certification is effectively mandatory for the use of Li-ion batteries in the marine industry and it is important step in the  commercialization of our Seanergy® solution.”

Seanergy® modules for full-electric and hybrid propulsion

Saft has developed the Seanergy® modules to offer the proven safety, performance and reliability advantages of SLFP chemistry in a fully integrated solution designed specifically for civil marine propulsion installations. The range includes a variety of Energy and Power modules that offer the flexibility and adaptability to create highly efficient, cost-effective battery systems to power full-electric and hybrid-electric applications for a wide variety of vessels including work boats, ferries, offshore vessels, yachts and cargo ships.

The key advantages of Saft SLFP cell technology for marine applications are its increased safety, its light weight and compact size, high efficiency, long calendar and cycling life, fast-charging capability and high power output – both continuous and in pulses and the ability to deliver high voltages.

Saft has built on the well proven SLFP cell technology to create the new Seanergy® modules that provide maintenance-free energy storage in a compact package designed specifically for marine applications, with the emphasis on long life and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO). Both Energy and Power modules are available. This modular approach provides the flexibility and scalability to deliver the appropriate levels of energy (MWh) and power (MW) for every application.

Saft understands how critical safety is l in the demanding marine environment. In developing the Seanergy® modules it has called on the expertise gathered in over 20 years of experience in delivering safe and reliable Li-ion solutions in the exacting spaceflight and satellite sector. Furthermore, Saft has a particular advantage over other battery system suppliers as it is an ‘end to end’ manufacturer of cells, modules and systems. This complete overview enables Saft to take responsibility for the total quality control of every aspect of design, development, testing and delivery of the complete marine battery solution.