Code of ethics

Our Group benefits from a rich mix of cultures, making it essential that all our employees, regardless of the entity they belong to, the function they carry out or the country they work in share a common definition of Saft’s vision, ambition and values. It is also essential that we share the same code of conduct, individually and collectively.

A shared identity, ambition and vision reinforces the image that we give of ourselves, ensures the Group’s cohesion and contributes to the confidence of our customers, our partners and suppliers, our shareholders, the public and all the other stakeholders who are involved in our activities and development.

I want to stress the importance of knowing and respecting our Code of Ethics. Our development must be guided by our core ethics. Our Code of Ethics ensures the proper conduct of our daily activities. Each Saft employee whatever his or her position in the Group, must be familiar with and scrupulously apply these principles.

I have created an ethics committee which will meet on a regular basis to ensure that our code is continually adapted to our evolving business environment.

I consider it of the utmost importance that each of you has easy and direct access to these fundamental rules. They will also be available to all on our internet and Intrasaft sites.

I count on you all to respect these rules.

Ghislain Lescuyer

April 2016



Saft Code of Ethics