Saft world class

“Permanently re-assessing and improving performance is the mind-set that is embedded in Saft’s culture.” Gilles Tardivo, Saft Corporate World Class Manager

Saft World Class is the company’s global programme of performance and quality improvement. It is a continuous improvement programme embracing all the tools, methods and sets of behaviours aimed at raising performance and providing customers with better products and services.

Saft World Class consists of three focus areas: performance, processes and people.

  • Performance: Saft World Class is a result-oriented programme  delivering value to customers and the company. Key indicators such as on-time delivery, quality and production performances are monitored and constantly improved.
  • Processes: Saft World Class includes lean manufacturing tools and methods to achieve top quality and performance.  Examples are 5S and Visual Management to recognize issues, 8D to solve them, Total Productive Maintenance to raise equipment efficiency and product “Pull Flow” driven by customer demand. These tools are increasingly used outside the manufacturing environment in support functions such as Finance, HR and product development.
  • People: all staff are trained and coached in problem-solving skills and empowered to detect and correct out-of-line situations. Everyone in the company attends workshops and knows how to make improvements. Production teams assess themselves against their Quality and performance indicators.

Global audits and external benchmarks are carried out regularly.